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Freddie the Frog Flying His Frisbee

Children will love reading about Freddie, the fun-loving frog who learns how to fly a Frisbee with the help of a firefighter friend.

Amanda the Anteater Stops Eating Ants

How many ants could an anteater eat if an anteater could eat ants?
Amanda the Anteater can’t eat any ants, because she stopped eating ants!

Good Night, Grammy

Good Night, Grammy shows how one family helps their daughter remember the loss of her beloved grandmother.

Matt & his daughter Samantha

Meet Author Matt Rufo

Matt Rufo grew up in Brighton Massachusetts, where four generations of his family lived in the same house, and his parents still reside there. The author now lives in Framingham, Massachusetts. 

Despite the rigors of construction and the time-consuming nature of owning a business, Matt still found time to write, often short stories. His wife, Tara, an elementary school teacher, pushed him to continue writing.

With schools and businesses shut down last spring at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, Matt told stories to his 4-year-old daughter, Samantha, more frequently.

“I had the time to start telling her stories and getting them onto paper,” he said. “She enjoyed them.”

Thus, Freddie the Frog, a fun-loving amphibian, was born.

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